Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bringing Birthdays Back

I was thinking a lot about birthdays recently.  I make cards, I sell cards, I help others make cards.  Where are all these cards going?  Hopefully not into a drawer someplace, never to be given to someone special.  Do you have cards stashed away but forget to mail them to friends and family?  Do you specifically make (or buy) a card for someone?  Or do you make (or buy) lots of cards to have on hand to send when needed?

Lots of unanswered questions but it leads to a great idea.  It wasn't an original idea of mine - Stampin' Up! has a top demonstrator who started a #imbringingbirthdaysback campaign last year and I like the idea so much I am going to do a small campaign of my own and send handmade birthday cards out this year.  Even though I make cards all year long, I never keep up with birthdays.  I see the post on Facebook in the morning and send a greeting sometimes that way but I would love to be ahead of Facebook.  To mail out cards BEFORE the birthday postings.  So today after work, I came home and started the LIST.  I am a list person anyway but I have to have a list so I have all the info in one place.  Birthday date, name and ADDRESS.  I am finding that the address is the hardest part of this!  I have a very good list going with names & dates and I have a few birthday cards all ready to go but the addresses are a bit more challenging.  With all this technology, I would have thought it would be easier to find addresses than this!!  Oh well, I'm not going to let it stop me.  I am going to start small and send cards to people that I have addresses for and grow from there!

Maybe this will inspire others to join the campaign, too!!!  #imbringingbirthdaysback

Happy stamping!!

Here's a few birthday cards to CASE (copy and share with everyone):

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