Sunday, May 7, 2017

Unloved Paper Pumpkins

I hope I'm not alone ... I am a Paper Pumpkin hoarder!  I have heard that the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one so here I am, confessing my sin to the world.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Paper Pumpkins!!  They are an awesome kit every month and even the ones that aren't my style, I end up liking after finishing the step-by-step project.  But I have way too many unfinished ones.  Are you like that?  Put it aside, planning to work on it later, then the next box arrives.  After this happens for a few months you are so overwhelmed with orangey-red boxes that you give up the subscription.  Well, it's not the subscription you need to give up - how else are you going to have quick thank you, birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas cards when you need them?!  It's scheduling a little time to do them.

My solution if you are local, come join us at Panera Bread behind the Rockaway Mall on the first Thursday every month.  We grab a few tables, open the latest box, AND PUT THEM TOGETHER!  Not only do we have a great time chit chatting with friends, but we problem solve any little nuances with each kit, and have finished cards/projects to use!

If you are not local, you need to set aside 2 hours each month to work on the project.  I challenge you to post your completed projects here.  I will do the same!

Now to tackle the stack of unloved boxes :(  I started this morning by finishing October 2016.  It doesn't matter where you start, just pick one!  This one happened to be on top of the pile and was already 95% done.  It was one we worked on at Panera, but I didn't quite finish putting it together.  So I added the baker's twine bows, attached the banner to each card, stamped the envelopes (can't have naked envelopes, right??!) and now I have eight cards to add to my stash.  Took me longer to write this post than to finish them - lol!  On to the next box......

Join Paper Pumpkin here: and then join me at Panera Bread on the first Thursday each month or online and enjoy those projects!!!

Here's the card from the October 2016 kit:

Happy stamping!!

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