Sunday, September 3, 2017

Business Challenges

I'm not sure who out there can relate but as I work toward my goal of having a successful craft business, I find that the learning involved is sometimes overwhelming!  Any of you who may also be just starting on your entrepreneur endeavors, may also be realizing that that there is a lot to know.  As an example, today I worked in my craft studio for just under three hours finishing up some cute Halloween post-it note holders with mini pens.

Aren't they cute??!!  But what you don't see is the hours of prep to get them out to the public.  The "making" part is something I feel I have down after making these for the last couple of years.  But I want to get the word out that these are available and that leads to my dilemma:  learning new things!  I feel I should post on Facebook so I can start getting the word out but maybe I should also post to Instagram because that is where "everyone is at" and don't forget here on my blog.  How much posting is too much posting?  How little is too little??  I have a few followers on my Facebook business page but don't know how to link to it from anywhere else.  I just opened an Instagram account but have no idea what I am doing!  Etsy is my prime online selling area and I am in the midst of learning SEO (for those of you who don't need to worry about being found online, that is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization) and if you do it wrong, you won't be found in the millions of searches done everyday.  And there's Pinterest!!  Plus I am trying to design a brand/logo so I can order new business cards and make all my online areas look the same to be cohesive.  See where this is all going?

So, since I feel so overwhelmed, I sit here writing a blog post instead!  I am not looking for pity or links to videos or an assistant.  I just wanted to get it off my chest so I can move on.  Sometimes you have to reboot, take a step back so you can go a couple more steps forward.  My products are great, my photos need some work, my SEOs are coming together, my descriptions are getting better and I am being seen by a few more people.  It's a great day!!

Thanks for listening and happy holiday weekend!  Please enjoy your time off, if you have it!!

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